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Here’s Something To Get Offended At If You Are Easily Offended

Another day, another law school food story. I think after we do the D.C. trivia night, we should head to the Southwest and have a law school chili cook off. Loser has to eat their law dean.

This story isn’t about law students stealing food, it’s ostensibly about students giving food away. Or at least they were trying to. The law students were trying to raise money for hungry people… but they did that in the most Western, decadent way possible…

The students at the University of Notre Dame Law School put on a very weird fundraiser. From a tipster:

Are you the King of Wings? Enter NDLS’s wing eating contest to raise money for the Fightin’ Irish Fight Hunger Fundraiser. To participate, Submit a $10 donation plus confirmation of 3 additional sponsors by Wednesday the 25th. Sponsorship minimum is $5. The showdown begins Thursday the 25th at 12:45 pm in the Commons. Sign up and get more info all week in the commons during lunch! If you have questions, email [Redacted].

We want YOU to join the Wing Challenge.

Now, I’m all about fighting hunger with wings. I try to do it every Saturday. But raising money for hungry people by have other people stuff their faces until they literally cannot eat anymore is an odd way of showing compassion for the hungry. It’s a little bit like having a wet t-shirt contest to raise money for battered women. It’s strangely insensitive to fight hunger with gluttony and a public demonstration of hoarding.

That said… whatever, their hearts were in the right place. It’s not like they ate the wings in front of the hungry and then invited them to partake of the scraps. Our tipsters said that a couple of people at the school complained about the event, but it was held this past Monday.

I hope they raised a lot of money. And I hope students who were offended by the contest still contributed money to the cause. The greatest hypocrisy here would be to care so much that you object to wasting food in a wing eating contest, but not enough to donate $5 bucks.

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