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How Would You Have Fared At ATL Trivia?

On Wednesday, the ATL editorial team went down to D.C. to host a night of bar trivia for law students with the help of our friends at Kaplan Bar Review. Well, as noted in the comments, the first order of business for ATL was rolling into town, ending the government shutdown, then hosting bar trivia. How did we end the shutdown? Let’s just say a bunch of attorney House members will not be having their embarrassing stories profiled on ATL in exchange for their cooperation.

In any event, if you didn’t follow along on the live blog, we decided to reproduce the entire round here to give you a chance to play along at home.

Put on your thinking caps!

And if you want to duplicate the entire bar trivia experience, put on your drinking caps….

Staci took the stage first to ask ten scintillating questions about celebrities and the law:


  1. Known for playing a lawyer in a Peter Pan movie, which actor was sued for allegedly giving a cocktail waitress the Herp?
  2. This Kardashian’s husband allegedly cheated on her with a lawyer. Which Kardashian?
  3. This isn’t SPARTA, this is LAW SCHOOL. Which 300 actor is a law school graduate?
  4. That’s hot! Which celebutante could sue me if she found out I was diluting her trademark?
  5. In a real Mean Girl move, Lindsay Lohan once gave her sentencing judge a manicured message. What’d it say?
  6. What is the name of the pop princess who’s been under a conservatorship since 2008 after she notoriously shaved her head?
  7. This Law & Order star who once sang about killing cops shares the same name as a drink you’d sip on your porch on a hot summer day.
  8. Which Article III judge – one that our managing editor may have an unhealthy obsession with — has had a minor role in a feature film?
  9. She’s a new mother of a child with a multi-directional name. How many days did her failed marriage to Kris Humphries last before she filed for divorce?
  10. Which law school graduate is best known for hosting a talk show with episode titles like “I Slept With 251 Men in 10 Hours!” and “I’m Proud To Be A Homewrecker”?

For the second round, I regaled the audience with some questions about Washington D.C.


  1. What year were D.C. residents first allowed to vote in Presidential elections?
  2. What Metro station boasts the longest escalator in Western hemisphere at 508 feet?
  3. District denizens consume more of which beverage per capita than residents of any state?
  4. Which city was one of the first planned communities in the United States, designed to provide homes and jobs to low-income families under the New Deal?
  5. How many columns are on the Lincoln Memorial?
  6. How many paintings by Leonardo da Vinci are housed at the National Art Gallery?
  7. How tall is the Washington Monument?
  8. Metro construction broke ground at this red line stop in 1969.
  9. What GOP presidential candidate got the lowest percentage of the DC popular vote?
  10. What four letters of the alphabet do not have a street named for them in any of DC’s four quadrants?

For the third round, David provided the contestants a themed picture round featuring identifiable aspects of the D.C. legal landscape.


Identify the D.C.-related people, places, or (as applicable) the law firms residing in the place

BONUS: What is the proper name of Justice Ginsburg’s doily?

Rounds 4 and 5 on the next page….

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