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Toilet Law School: This Is Not A Metaphor

That’s the sound of the men, blogging on the train, gaa-ang. That’s the sound of the men, blogging on the train, gang.

Sorry, blogging on an iPad while heading to a shut-down D.C. for our trivia night reminds me of prison, for some reason.

Don’t get me wrong, blogging on a train and being incarcerated are still far better than going to law school. The Northeast Regional and the penitentiary might not be particularly comfortable, but at least the toilets work.

Can your law school say the same?

Here is the courtyard at UCLA School of Law. I’ve been there. On a normal day, it is quite pretty. But this is not a normal day:

In case you can’t tell what that brown morass is, a tipster explains:

The UCLA law courtyard flooded with sewage, including bits of toilet paper.

Sadly, this is not UCLA’s first run-in with totally gross situations. Remember when an assistant dean at the law school had to email facilities maintenance begging them to do something about the rat infestation?

So, here’s an interesting question for UCLA Law students: would you rather have a rat infestation inside, or raw sewage outside? I think the obvious answer is the sewage because you can always avoid the courtyard, or at the very least, walk by it very quickly. With the rats, you’re like a sitting duck for them while in class, in bed, or in the library pretending to study.

BUT, in this tough job market, it’d be a shame if raw sewage dissuaded any potential employers from interviewing at UCLA. And who wants to hear any of the approximately 1.1 million “TTT” jokes that have already started in the comment thread from people who haven’t even read to the end of this post? Rats are more of a private problem than the public horror of having sewage leaking out onto your campus.

In any event, I’m going to mark this down as a WIN for USC Gould School of Law over their rivals at UCLA. Law schools that keep their s**t together get bonus prestige points.

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