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What Law Students Do With Their Kids: Make Incredibly Cute Viral Videos

I’ve been out with the flu, which leaves me a lot of time to look up funny YouTube videos. I have no idea what sick people did before NyQuil and YouTube, but they probably died.

In any event, there’s a fun clip going around where a four-year-old recites the most famous courtroom speech of our generation. If you don’t know what speech I’m talking about, well, you probably can’t handle the truth…

Here’s the clip that was on the Huffington Post and Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. It’s a four-year-old Colonel Nathan Jessup in the bathtub (totally safe for work).

It doesn’t get any cuter than that.

The father of this precious young Marine is a 2L at the University of Miami Law School. He says that his kid learned the speech from Dad’s memory:

This started as a goof and he learned the whole thing in 2-3 days. (No, didn’t let him watch the movie; taught it to him from my own knowledge of the speech.)

This is solid parenting. I’ve been wondering when my little guy will be old enough to appreciate the subtleties of Aaron Sorkin dialogue. I’d figured we’d start of with some classic Sorkinisms and work our way up to this. Now we have an event horizon.

Our super Dad reports that there’s another baby, not shown in the video, who was born during his first week of law school. I sure hope the Cat in the Hat knows a lot about Torts.

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