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Caption Contest Winner: Biglaw In A Bottle

Earlier this week, we asked readers to submit possible captions for this photo (click to enlarge):

On Wednesday, you voted on the finalists, and now it’s time to announce the winner of our contest…

As is customary with our caption contests, we’ll now reveal the backstory behind the picture. A reader actually found this picture on BuzzFeed of all places, in a listicle called “23 Things That Could Only Exist In Silicon Valley.” (You can see a law license plate featured in the #10 spot.)

As mentioned in the comments here, what’s cool about Perkins Coie’s Startup Percolator is that the firm is giving away legal documents for free. Well, it’s cool for entrepreneurs, but not so much for the attorneys trying to make a dime. “Great business model for a law firm,” a commenter mused sarcastically.

But maybe everyone at Perkins Coie has already sipped the Kool-Aid. Here’s our winning caption:

Side effects may include uncontrollable crying, self-loathing, weight gain, and alcoholism.

Thanks to everyone for suggesting comments and for voting. If you wrote the winning caption, feel free to email us, subject line “Caption Contest Winner,” to claim your prize (an Above the Law t-shirt).

23 Things That Could Only Exist In Silicon Valley [BuzzFeed]

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Caption Contest: Biglaw In A Bottle

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