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Recent Bar Exam Results: Open Thread
Maryland (Kind Of?), Texas, Virginia — any others?

As the days roll on, more and more bar exam results from the July 2013 administration of the test are being released.

We’ve actually reached the point where just about every state in the country has unleashed its exam results except for Maryland (expected by end of business today), New Jersey, and California. Those folks still have some time to wait on pins and needles, but for now, we’ve got confirmed news about results from states that came out on Halloween, just in time for festive holiday celebrations.

So it’s time for a round-up of all of the results that went live yesterday, including Texas and Virginia, and some rumors we’ve heard about Maryland. Here’s an open thread for you to discuss your thoughts…

Before we start talking about the results, here’s where you can find them for Virginia (here) and Texas (here). Both states were kind enough to release their statistics in a timely fashion (unlike New York).

We’ll start with Virginia, because it’s for lovers (and sad pass rates at some schools):

Regent, Liberty, and Appalachian: Ouch. That is all. Congrats to George Mason and UVA for those near matching 93% pass rates. (And a special shout-out to Dana Tapper, an amazing girl who we helped get a free bar prep class for after her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. She passed in VA, hooray!)

Next is Texas, where everything’s bigger, like the number of schools with pass rates in the 80% range:

Check out the pass rate for Baylor — it’s damn near perfect. Amazing. Congratulations are also in order UT-Austin and SMU. Nice work, y’all! Go out and celebrate this weekend, you’ve certainly earned it.

Flip to the next page to see what’s going on with the results of the Maryland bar exam…

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