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This May Be The Worst Career Services Department Ever

Career services is a tough racket in this market. The employers are blowing you off, the school is riding you to boost their rankings, and the students are coming to grips with the gravity of their mistake and are getting increasingly panicked about their prospects.

And this pressure is much worse when you’re running career services for a school below that T14 level.

But sympathizing with career services does not extend to forgiving a ridiculous stunt like this. There are a lot of ways to spend money to help students get jobs. Career services decided to skip that step…

Georgia State Law thought this was a good idea.

Thanks GSU Law! I wasn’t planning to get a job, but now that there’s $25 on the line, I’m in. Our tipster put it best with the subject line: “The rich keep getting richer.” Instead of giving money to students for doing… what they were going to do anyway, this money could have been spent taking hiring partners out to lunch.

Career services will probably say they just want students to tell them they have a job. I suppose $25 is cheaper than actually following up with students. NYU called me incessantly to figure out which offer I was taking. But that all smacks of effort.

Or maybe career services just want to reward students for making them look good. Certainly this career services department doesn’t deserve the credit.

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