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George Zimmerman’s Defense Attorney Did ‘Nothing Wrong’ — Just Like His Client

‘Manage me, Mark O’Mara.’

Not only have I done nothing wrong in regards to how we managed the defense fund and the online presence for the Zimmerman case, but I think we also set the standard for how these matters should be handled in future high-profile cases that warrant such measures.

Mark O’Mara, former defense attorney to George Zimmerman, commenting on the Florida Bar’s ethics investigation into whether he properly managed his client’s defense fund and social media presence. O’Mara’s full statement can be seen here.

(For all of the trouble O’Mara’s going through, we wondered if the proceeds of this eBay sale for Zimmerman’s artwork would be used to pay his outstanding legal bills. Let’s find out what Zimmerman had to say about that.)

O’Mara’s ex-client owes him about $1 million, and he’d love to be paid. Will Zimmerman help him out?

Haha. Hahahahaha. Sorry Mark. Better luck next time.

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