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A Partner Accused Strikes Back

Stanley B. Stallworth

The allegation is completely unfounded, and we look forward to defending vigorously Stan’s good name and reputation. Stan is a pillar of the community, and he has tirelessly worked on behalf of young people for the past 25 years.

— The Stallworth family, in a statement issued to Am Law Daily regarding the sexual assault charges filed against Stanley Stallworth, a real estate partner in the Chicago office of Sidley Austin, and his nephew, Therrie Miller.

(The full statement and additional commentary, after the jump.)

Here is the rest of the statement from the Stallworth family:

As a former teacher, current member of several nonprofit organizations focused on improving the circumstances of underserved youth and their families, and a major university scholarship donor, Stan remains undaunted in his commitment to improving society by creating more educational, cultural and social opportunities for underserved segments of his community. We are confident that justice will prevail and Stan can resume his normal life.

When we first reported about the story on Friday, Sidley Austin informed us that Stallworth would be taking a leave from the firm so he could fight the charges. And it looks like he’s fighting them vigorously, if his choice of counsel says anything: Am Law reports that he has hired Henderson Adam, a well-known criminal defense boutique in Chicago that is led by former Holland & Knight partner Victor Henderson and local trial attorney Sam Adam Jr..

Victor Henderson used to lead Holland & Knight’s Chicago office. Sam Adam Jr. received his law degree from the University of Wisconsin, which happens to be Stan Stallworth’s alma mater. Their firm, Henderson Adam, has grown to six attorneys since its founding in 2011.

Sam Adam Jr., working together with his father, a prominent Chicago trial lawyer, has experience getting high-profile figures out of legal hot water:

The father-and-son legal team represented disgraced Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich at his first corruption trial, which ended before a hung jury. The two Adams stepped back from the ex-governor’s defense in late 2010 after their client ran out of money to pay his legal fees. (Blagojevich is currently appealing his conviction on corruption charges at a second trial.)

The duo also helped Chicago native and R&B singer R. Kelly win an acquittal on child pornography charges in 2008.

If Adam’s good enough for R. Kelly, he’s good enough for S. Stallworth. There are some similarities between the cases: both involve rich and successful African-Americans accused of naughtiness involving young people.

As noted in our earlier story, the Sidley sources we’ve heard from have expressed shock at the charges against Stan Stallworth. If you have information to share with us about the case or about Stallworth, feel free to email us or text us (646-820-8477). Thanks.

Sidley Partner Hires Prominent Lawyer in Sex Assault Case [Am Law Daily via Morning Docket]

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