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Is It Too Cold To Go To Law School?

It’s not that cold today, but don’t you worry, the polar vortex is coming, again! This winter needs to be stopped by Dennis Quaid.

Going to work or school in this weather is no fun. That’s why I stay home, but some people don’t have that luxury. This weather is terrible because you freeze your ass off getting to work, and then once you get there you have to disrobe because your office is 5,000 degrees.

Well, one law school has seemingly solved the problem of “layering.” They just keep it so cold in the building that students only have to worry about frostbite…

The news out of Indiana University — Maurer School of Law is… chilly. Multiple tipsters report that the law library has been unreasonably cold. The solution from IU Law? “Hope for an early spring.” No, really, that’s their plan:

Dear Students –

I am certain that most of you are aware that the Reading Room of the Law Library has been unreasonably cold lately. Please know that I am very aware of the temperature in the Reading Room and that Physical Plant staff have been here several times to address this issue. I spoke with them 2 days ago and they have determined that the lines that go to the radiators beneath the windows in the Reading Room are clogged, keeping any heat from reaching those radiators. There is heat from the ceiling vents but the ceiling is so high in that room it does not really reach the people sitting. They are working to resolve how to unclog the lines, but the fear is that they will have the turn the heat off in the Library to do that. Obviously, with the temperatures we are currently experiencing, that cannot be done.

I will continue to work with them to resolve this problem but I cannot say at this point when a solution will be found. I sincerely apologize to those of you who are trying to study in this space. Let’s all hope for an early spring!

Director of the Law Library

Basically, the IU Law Library has been reduced from anthropomorphized mammal to a reptile. It’s a cold-blooded building that can’t function properly without the Sun’s warming rays. Most likely, the IU Law Library also doesn’t produce milk or nurture its young.

Of course, a “wait for things to heat up” approach usually describes a law school approach to the job market, not the weather. One can only hope that IU Career services has a better plan to deal with students who are frozen out of legal jobs.

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