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Nationwide Layoff Watch: Ringing In The New Year With Unemployment Woes

Happy New Year, Biglaw! After packing on some extra weight last year in the wake of a mid-sized merger, one large law firm is starting 2014 with a resolution to slim down its ranks.

As we all know, with mergers come reductions in redundancies, and this firm took its sweet time to get with the program. Dieting can be a bitch.

Which Biglaw firm just sent more than 20 employees to stand on the bread line?

The firm in question is none other than Husch Blackwell, which merged with the 65-lawyer Texas outfit of Brown McCarroll in the summer of 2013. The last we heard about layoffs at Husch was in 2010, when the firm let go 20 attorneys. This time around, HB is showing 25 staff members the door.

According to the St. Louis Business Journal, Husch Blackwell has “more than 600 lawyers and 750 other employees,” but no attorneys are being laid off just yet. Here’s what the firm had to say for itself:

“Our firm, like many of our clients, is being challenged to do more with less,” the firm said in a statement. “We continuously assess our costs with a focus on improving efficiency and quality.”

Perhaps the firm could improve upon its “efficiency and quality.” Back in 2012, the firm sent out rejection letters so riddled with typos that it was hard to believe they had been sent out by a Biglaw firm. We certainly hope that doing “more with less” doesn’t result in any additional adverse effects for HB.

We’re sure this won’t be the last round of layoffs we write about in 2014, but we sincerely wish those affected at Husch Blackwell the best of luck while they seek new opportunities, in the legal field or beyond.

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Husch Blackwell announces layoffs [St. Louis Business Journal]

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Nationwide Layoff Watch: Husch Blackwell

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