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Pics Of A Celebrity Arrest And Other Diversions From Your Friday Workload

It’s time for another installment of our now monthly round-up of time-wasting material from around the Internet. You certainly don’t want to concentrate on your work while you watch the clock slowly tick down to the weekend. And there’s only so much time you can devote to making those last minute preparations for your Pro Bowl party.

This month we have the special treat of exclusive shots of the arrest of a certain pint-sized pop star.

So sit back and enjoy the party. Hopefully, this month we can get through this without Brian Leiter saying anything dumb

No use hiding the ball, ATL has landed an exclusive image of the Biebs getting arrested:

Official photo of Jusin Bieber’s arrest this morning

I don’t know if I buy that image. Bieber wouldn’t drive a Mustang. There are two things I know about Justin Bieber:

1. He’s the only person in the world still playing with a Rubik’s Cube — which he can solve easily:

Justin Bieber Solve Rubik's Cube by ebouz

2. He’s not driving an American car, because he’s a dirty, dirty Canadian.

Here’s a look at the misconception laypeople have of law school. (h/t Law School Ruined Me)

What people think law school is

What law school actually is

I’m not sure about that. In keeping with the Mad Men theme, I’d say that what law school actually is, probably should be sitting in class and waiting for gunners to do this:

While you do this:

Speaking of law school, this is just a glorious bit of advice from 12b6:

Anonymous asked: 2L here. I CANNOT, repeat CANNOT find any motivation to study this semester. Every time I open a book my brain is like “NO.” Any advice to get going?

[12b6]: you do realize i am a 2L right

In the spirit of reminding you how much it sucks to be a lawyer (in a law firm anyway), we present a gem from a tumblr who we know appreciates our site:

When Someone Has A Normal Job That Ends At 5PM

And yet others would respond like this:

On the next page we talk about annoying partner edits and Elie’s poker strategy….

(hidden for your protection)

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