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Texas Prosecutor Gets Cut Off In Traffic. You Won’t Beli- Oh, Yes You Will, She Pulled A Gun On Him.

Yeah, you read that headline right, a prosecutor pulled a gun on a guy after a traffic scrape. On the one hand, a prosecutor should understand enough about the law to be circumspect before allegedly committing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. On the other hand, you simply do not mess with Texas.

Despite admitting to pulling the pistol, the prosecutor has pleaded not guilty because she has a conflicting tale….

How much do you not want to mess with Texas? They managed to build a tough guy mythology out of a goddamned anti-litter campaign. That’s hyper-charged machismo bordering on insanity. It’s also the sort of mentality that threatens to turn run-of-the-mill miscues into Wild West shootouts.

In any event, the police’s version of this story suggests the prosecutor might need some rage management counseling:

[Assistant Harris County Attorney] Susan Sciacca, 55, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to the Tomball, Texas, police, she said she became angry after a vehicle cut her off as she drove along a suburban Houston highway last Friday afternoon. She then followed the vehicle into a local credit union parking lot and pulled up alongside the car, police told ABC News.

Police said the car’s driver, John Leazer, 40, told them that Sciacca appeared “enraged” and pointed a shiny silver pistol at him while screaming obscenities as he exited his vehicle. Leazer’s wife was also in the car at the time.

“I’m basically scared. I honestly thought she was going to shoot me,” Leazer told KHOU-TV.

Leazer called 911, and when police arrived they arrested Sciacca on the spot, the police told ABC News.

Houston’s highways sound like the early-90s L.A. freeways of L.A. Story when every driver needed someone to cover them while changing lanes.

Sciacca works in the Family Protective Services Division, dealing with children who are abused or neglected. Ironically, her alleged behavior may have scarred a child.

Leazer’s family is also left shaken up. His youngest son even went to work with him on Sunday.

“I love my dad very much, I couldn’t imagine — I don’t think I can go on if anything would’ve happened to him,” said Lance Leazer, the victim’s son.

At least the kid wasn’t in the car at the time, so Sciacca was only waving a gun at a couple who didn’t expect to run into Dirty Harriet on their way home from Panera Bread.

For her part, Sciacca claims that the other driver followed her into the parking lot and that she pulled her gun because she feared for her life. Sciacca’s defense is bold gambit because the parking lot surveillance video captured the whole incident and the question of which car followed the other into the parking lot will be pretty easy to resolve.

In the meantime, Sciacca is out on a $30,000 bond.

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