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Waitress Plans To Waste Gigantic Tip On Law School Applications

Leigh Dollard: Hmm, apply to law school or pay my bills?

Have you heard of Tips for Jesus? Since September 2013, this incredibly rich mystery man — rumored to be Jack Selby, formerly of PayPal — has been traveling the country, dropping insane tips of up to $10,000 wherever he wines and dines. He’s “[d]oing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time,” and he’s documented this journey of generosity by taking pictures of his checks and uploading them to his Instagram account. He hasn’t explicitly stated why Jesus is involved, but who cares, it’s free money. This man knows the service industry can be thankless, so he’s giving back in the best way he knows how.

The cash that Tips for Jesus has laid out has been completely life-changing for some of its recipients. One of the latest beneficiaries of his kindness was a cocktail waitress in California who received a $5,000 tip this past weekend. What’s she planning to do with the money?

She wants to be a lawyer….

Meet Leigh Dollard. She’s 27, and she dreams of going to law school. According to an interview with LAist, Dollard has been waiting tables for a while now — “it’s how [she pays] the bills.” Naturally, instead of paying her bills, she’ll be using her Tips for Jesus money to apply to law school. Here’s more:

The impact of that tip for me is that it will help me pay for my law school applications, which have been dogging me this month … I don’t get to take the 5 grand and pocket it; the $5000 is split 3 ways evenly between myself and my two other cocktail servers that were on that evening. Then we tip out the bartenders, runners, and bussers [and other front of house staff]. So what’s cool is that quite a few of us got a piece of it and they touched quite a few lives. Before taxes, I took about $1,100 home. Not a bad night!

Holy crap, apparently the price of law school applications has risen to match the ridiculousness of law school tuition. Unless Dollard is a dullard and is applying to every single accredited law school in California, we’re not sure how she could possibly spend that much on application fees alone. We suppose she’s getting a head start on using her money to pay for law school fees instead of real-life expenses.

Hey, at least she’s well prepared for her first job out of law school.

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