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You Should Go To Law School Because… Skiing? Sure, Why Not?

Go to law school and meet her!(Disclaimer: Your experience may vary. People you really meet may be obnoxious gunners. Massive debt-inducing purchase required.)

Law schools are facing tough times. Enrollment is down massively, people are starting to ask questions about law schools gaming their tuition, and people just aren’t buying the story that law degrees are worth a million dollars.

So how are these schools going to up their enrollment? Maybe they could cut tuition. Ha! No, just try to sell gullible kids on three years of snowboarding…

The University of Colorado at Law School has a new ad campaign to lure in students, and they’ve decided to eschew the whole “you should be a lawyer and we’re good at teaching law” approach and go straight for the people who want to blow off outlines for just hanging out in Boulder and, I guess, visiting all the locations used in Mork & Mindy. Seriously, this as campaign is one step removed from, “Dude, we legalized weed here — come on down!”

And people wondered why Professor Paul Campos became disillusioned with law school. This is his school enticing people to buy the world’s most expensive lift ticket.

This tip comes to us from Curtis Morrison. Normally we keep tipsters anonymous, but Morrison specifically requested credit for finding this gem, and who are we to deny him?

So there you have it — law school advertising in the new normal.

Your move, Cooley!

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