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Depositions Are Much More Fun When You Knock The Glasses Off Opposing Counsel’s Stupid Face

Remember Adriana Ferreyr? She’s the 30-year-old Brazilian telenovela star who’s suing octogenarian moneybags George Soros because he didn’t buy her a $1.9 million apartment (or a $4.3 million apartment; the nerve of that old codger). When we last checked in on her, she was busy hiring Davis Polk alum William Beslow to fling legal arguments at the geriatric gigolo almost thrice her age she once banged, presumably hoping to make billions.

Ferreyr’s adventures in gold-digging continue this month with claims of her wild and crazy antics at a recent deposition in New York. She may only be known as a Hoveround ho in this country, but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to act like a diva.

Adriana Ferreyr doesn’t care if you’re a legal legend of the bar. She’ll still slap the glasses right off your stupid face…

According to recent filings, Ferreyr “came out swinging” at a deposition last week. While George Soros was being deposed, the fiery Latina allegedly appeared with a videographer, demanding that all of the proceedings be filmed. Martin Singer, representing Soros alongside William Zabel of Schulte Roth & Zabel, agreed with Beslow that a video would not be necessary, so Ferreyr apparently did what any elegant young woman would have done: she punched her lawyer and then screamed at him for about 20 minutes before allowing him to return to the deposition.

But that’s not all. Here’s a great summation of what allegedly went down from the New York Daily News:

Ferreyr … clocked Soros in the head, knocked the glasses off his California lawyer Martin Singer, cursed his other prominent lawyer William Zabel and even screamed at her own high powered attorney William Beslow, according to papers filed Friday by Singer.

“A–h–le! You piece of s–t!” Ferreyr, 30, allegedly screamed at Soros, 83, when he passed her in the hallway on the way to the restroom.

We hope Soros was able to turn down his hearing aids before Ferreyr started yelling at him. Singer, on the other hand, a young buck when compared to his client, was unable to avoid the soap star’s alleged wrath:

When the lawyers agreed at 1 p.m. to break for lunch, Singer said, Ferreyr “suddenly and without warning … lunged at Mr. Soros — who is 83 years old — and struck his head with her hands, knocking off the headphones he was wearing to amplify the audio in the room.”

“Ms. Ferreyr pulled back her arm to strike Mr. Soros in the face. I was able to grab both of (her) arms to move her away….I let go of her arms. Ms. Ferreyr immediately swung at my face, knocking off my glasses.”

Singer said he had to pull her back from stepping on his glasses and she tried to kick him. Then, he said, she slapped a Soros aide, Jose Santos, across the face and kicked Santos in the shins.

Ferreyr allegedly went on to threaten SRZ name partner William Zabel: “You’re gonna go down, Zabel. You’re gonna go down. You should go to prison and get beat up.” Ai meu Deus, how eloquent.

We wonder what George Soros ever saw in this girl — her alleged behavior is outrageous. Adriana Ferreyr is on the prowl, so future sugar daddies beware: money can buy everything, but definitely not class.

George Soros’ ex-girlfriend goes berserk during deposition and smacks the 83-year-old billionaire in the head: court papers [New York Daily News]

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