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Justice Kagan: Not Ready For Her Close-Up?

Too soon, too soon, too soon.

— Justice Elena Kagan, declaring in a recent public appearance that she’s not ready to be the subject of a bobblehead doll.

(Additional highlights from Lady Kaga’s comments, after the jump.)

Earlier this month, Justice Kagan spoke at a luncheon in Washington where Judge Sri Srinivasan of the D.C. Circuit was honored with the J. Reuben Clark Law Society’s Rex Lee Advocacy Award. From Michelle Olsen’s account of the justice’s remarks:

During a question and answer period, I asked Kagan how she would like to be remembered and, on a related, but more whimsical note, what she would like on her future bobblehead. The popular figures of Supreme Court justices, distributed by the Green Bag law journal, feature visual references to justices’ important opinions.

“I don’t have ambitions to lay down some marker in a particular field of law,” Kagan replied. There is no: “I want to be a great First Amendment person,” or “I want to have a legacy in Fourth Amendment” for her. “I am taking the cases one by one” and trying “to decide [them] as well and honestly as I can.”

Kagan wants her opinions to be clear, persuasive, and “not awful to read.”

“[N]ot awful to read”? Justice Kagan has already surpassed that standard. She’s one of the finest prose stylists on the Court today (right up there with Justice Scalia and Chief Justice Roberts).

You can read additional highlights from the talk over at Appellate Daily. Don’t miss the photos. Justice Kagan is looking bobblehead-ready — super-svelte, perhaps thanks to the personal trainer she shares with Justice Ginsburg. Judge Srinivasan looks incredibly youthful — like a law student, really.

So forget the liposuction and the facelifts. Just get appointed to the federal bench, and you can look fabulous forever!

Kagan: ‘Too Soon’ for a Bobblehead [Appellate Daily]

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