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Prison Escapee Tells Federal Judge To Stick It

You can take your analogy and shove it right up your [expletive], judge.

Kenneth Conley, a convicted bank robber, at his sentencing for having masterminded a daring escape from the Chicago MCC in 2012. Judge Gary Feinerman could only respond with a “thank you,” making this a rare “defendant-slap.”

The term “daring” is no understatement when it comes to this escape. Conley and his accomplice cut a hole in a concrete wall and then used a rope fashioned from bed sheets and dental floss to scale down the prison’s outer wall in the middle of the night.

(If you’d be scared scaling a two-story wall suspended only by dental floss, check out a picture of the wall they actually scaled down.)

The Daily Mail’s coverage included a picture of the Chicago MCC:

And they repelled down 17 stories of this! With dental floss! In the Windy City!

Jail escapee tells judge to ‘stick it’ at sentencing [Chicago Tribune]
‘Take your analogy and shove it!’ Bank robber interrupts judge after being recaptured during dramatic prison escape using bedsheets and dental floss [Daily Mail]

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