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ATL March Madness: The Worst Law School In America — Final Four

If you had the correct Final Four in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, then congratulations… you’re a UConn fan. Or at least someone who pays so little attention to basketball that you picked UConn because you remember when the team was a juggernaut sometime in the past.

The ATL March Madness bracket also has an underdog rolling along. Is Liberty a school of destiny?

Liberty took it to New England Law to keep the Boston school from winning the WNEC bracket. This was Liberty’s closest matchup this tournament and it still won by 30 percent. It’s time to start wondering if it’s truly God’s chosen horrible law school. Filling out that side of the bracket, Florida Coastal, the jewel of the InfiLaw crown, provided the closest thing we’ve had to a squeaker all tournament, defeating Touro narrowly. At one point yesterday afternoon, the two schools were separated by a mere 18 votes.

Meanwhile, the Final Four matchup everyone wanted shaped up on the right side of the bracket: The Thomas Showdown. Thomas M. Cooley and Thomas Jefferson Law will tussle for a chance to be crowned the best of the worst. Heavyweights of suckage collide!

You know the drill… Law schools advance to the next round based on reader polls, in which we ask you which law school is the worst. You can define that however you choose. Feel free to justify your votes in the comments.

The polls are below. The Final Four round will close on THURSDAY, APRIL 3, at 11:59 P.M. (Eastern). Vote early, and tell your colleagues and friends.

Which Law School Is Worse?

  • (8) Liberty (60%, 2,865 Votes)
  • (2) Florida Coastal (40%, 1,903 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,768

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Which Law School Is Worse?

  • (1) Thomas M. Cooley (78%, 3,561 Votes)
  • (1) Thomas Jefferson Law School (22%, 1,010 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,571

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