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Faruqi & Faruqi: On The Prowl For Partners?

Juan Monteverde and Alexandra Marchuk

Last week, we wrote about lawyers leaving Faruqi & Faruqi, the litigation boutique that’s locked in an ugly legal battle with a former associate, Alexandra Marchuk. Marchuk’s lawsuit accuses F&F partner Juan Monteverde of severe sexual harassment and alleges that the firm’s leaders turned a blind eye to his misconduct.

We asked our readers for more information about the recent Faruqi departures. Well, ask and you shall receive. We have the details on the lawyers who left — as well as info about how Faruqi is looking for laterals, and how much it pays them (hint: not enough)….

First, let’s discuss the lawyers who left — “a partner who was with the Firm for just one year and two junior associates,” as noted by a Faruqi spokesperson. The partner would appear to be Peter Andrews, who is now (according to his LinkedIn profile) the managing partner of Andrews & Springer LLC. The Springer in Andrews & Springer seems to be Craig Springer, a former Faruqi associate, and they’ve been joined in their new firm by a third Faruqi refugee, David Sborz.

One of our sources expressed surprise about the departure of Pete Andrews:

The partner who left Faruqi is Pete Andrews — he was an associate at Grant & Eisenhofer for a number of years and left to run Faruqi’s Wilmington office last year. [I was surprised because] he told me how much he was enjoying Faruqi and all the court appearances he was getting to make since Juan’s name is now mud.

Indeed. Attentive readers may recall how Peter Andrews was on the receiving end of a letter from Vice Chancellor Sam Glasscock III that seemingly chastised Monteverde for not disclosing the Marchuk litigation when applying for pro hac vice admission.

Meanwhile, Faruqi is sending out feelers among the Delaware bar, seeking new talent for its Wilmington outpost:

Farqui has been desperately calling every senior lawyer at every plaintiffs’ firm in the area for the past week or so. Several people [have told recruiters they] will not find any woman anywhere willing to report to Juan, and that plucking anyone will be difficult, given Faruqi’s bad reputation and abysmal pay (partners are rumored to be paid about $200,000 plus bonus of an undisclosed amount).

Two hundred grand isn’t very impressive for a partner. But it might appeal to at least one underemployed Delaware lawyer who shares Juan Monteverde’s alleged interest in dropping trou.

Some readers have asked for an update on the Marchuk litigation. There’s not much to report. The parties are finishing up fact discovery and entering into expert discovery. A trial date should be set on July 11, when they’re next due before Judge Alvin Hellerstein (S.D.N.Y.). The latest developments are summarized in this order (which reflects that Marchuk will be getting some discovery into F&F attorney compensation; sadly, the fruits of that discovery will remain confidential, at least initially).

We’ll continue to monitor all the fun at Faruqi & Faruqi. If you have info to share, just email us or text us (646-820-8477). Thanks.

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