Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Toilet Flushing

Are you capable of working your toilet correctly?

It’s possible that you aren’t and there’s a new class action lawsuit seeking millions from the companies that have duped you into abusing your toilet privileges. Does this sound stupid? Sure. But after digging into the issue, there’s something to the suit, at least to the extent that millions in damages are directly attributable to poor toilet flushing practices.

So put down that Taco Bell Gordita and let’s talk about what you’re doing to your plumbing and the environment…

Our friends at Bloomberg take a look at a new class action lawsuit filed in federal court in New York alleging that the manufacturers of flushable wipes are wreaking havoc on plumbing:

Years ago, everyone knew that flushable wipes like Wet Ones shouldn’t be flushed. Everyone did it anyway, but at least you knew you were doing something you shouldn’t. And frankly, you’d just changed a disposable diaper, so how much worse is flushing the wipe? Now that these products tout their “flushability” without any standard for that claim, things have gotten out of control. The fact that the extent of damage to sanitation equipment every year has grown at the rate of increased flushable wipe sales is certainly troubling.

The class action may be facing an uphill battle, but the problem of clogged toilets might pique the interest of legislators as the dollar amounts grow and grow.

It might be the sort of crap we actually want Congress to talk about.

Think Twice Before You Flush Those Wipes [Bloomberg TV]

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