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‘Big, Giant Crybaby’ Lawyer Whines To Court About Broken Bentley

Imagine that you’ve raked in millions upon millions of dollars in fees thanks to your high-profile personal injury practice. What are you going to do with all of that money? Spend it on fast women and even faster cars, obviously — and when one of your automobile babies is hurt in an accident, you’ll approach the situation with all of the fervor and aggression that you would one of your own personal injury cases.

For example, if your $215,000 Bentley Continental had been in an accident and the body shop took more than two weeks to repair it — and allegedly did a crappy job on the repairs — you’d be inclined to sue. After all, how dare someone deprive you of the right to use and enjoy your convertible during this year’s especially hard winter?

Of course, when such a lawsuit is filed, you can’t exactly blame the other side for name-calling you…

Meet Michael S. Lamonsoff, the New York personal injury attorney who once dated Playboy model Stephanie Adams and is now representing riders injured in the Metro-North train derailment. This Cardozo Law grad is suing over his broken Bentley. Here’s some additional information from the New York Post:

Michael Lamonsoff

Manhattan lawyer Michael Lamonsoff … whines in court papers that extensive repairs made to the 2013 convertible at Sports & Classics Auto Repair on East 73rd Street were “of poor workmanship and poor quality.”

But shop owner John Steo defended the work — and said the attorney has refused to explain why he is unhappy with the job.

“We’re trying to find out what’s wrong and he’s given us no information,” Steo said.

“He was a big, giant crybaby from the beginning. He’s a very difficult person,” Steo added.

No offense to Steo, but Lamonsoff’s livelihood depends upon his being a difficult person.

On the other hand, compare Lamonsoff, who claims his Bentley dealership told him “the repair job was so bad that it destroyed the resale value of the vehicle and had to be completely redone,” to Howard A. Levitt, the lawyer who allowed his Ferrari to be swallowed up by floodwaters to get to a hearing on time.

Things could’ve been much worse. It sounds like Lamonsoff would enjoy spending time with Stuart V. Goldberg, the attorney who pays extra to park his expensive cars across several spaces like a jackass.

Lamonsoff “just want[s] to get [his] car properly fixed,” but no wonder he’s being called a crybaby.

‘Cry baby’ lawyer sues over botched repair on $215,000 Bentley [New York Post]

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