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Caption Contest Finalists: The State Of The Legal Profession In One Sad Graphic

Last week, we asked readers to submit possible captions for this picture (click to enlarge):

Let’s have a look at what our readers came up with, and vote on the finalists…

Here are the finalists for our latest caption contest, which were quite great (a few with the most “likes” from readers in Disqus, and a few underrated captions that received the most “likes” from yours truly):

A. Who can I call to get both an ear and a corporate veil pierced?

B. After the indignity of thinking he would lose his raise, Prof. Illig left academia to resume his seven figure practice.

C. Hey, at least it beats doc review.

D. Worst haiku ever.

E. This is the legal profession’s equivalent of “For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn.”

F. Coming soon: firewood.


Lawyers, will you be diversifying your practices with ear piercing? We hope not. Vote for your favorite caption in our poll, which will be open through TUESDAY, APRIL 22, at 11:59 PM (Eastern time). Thanks!

What is the best caption for this photo?

  • D. (32%, 392 Votes)
  • A. (29%, 352 Votes)
  • B. (14%, 177 Votes)
  • C. (7%, 86 Votes)
  • E. (7%, 82 Votes)
  • F. (6%, 72 Votes)
  • G. (6%, 71 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,232

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