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Check Out This Law Professor Looking Like A Mad Scientist On NBC News

When you go on national television you just hope the producers are there to help you look your best.

Especially if it’s a pre-taped segment. Meaning they set it up, chose the shot, taped it, edited it, and then chose to put it on TV — leaving a whole bunch of last clear chances to fix anything that undermines your credibility.

For this professor, the producers probably could have done him some favors.

Dropping the extreme close-up and telling him to blink would have been good starts.

Professor Jody Armour appeared on NBC Nightly News last night discussing the Donald Sterling matter. Unfortunately the shot that made the screen turned Professor Armour from distinguished law professor into a mad scientist.

With the sound off, just imagine that he’s saying “1.21 Gigawatts.”

Get A Load Of This USC Law Professor’s Haircut On NBC Nightly News [Barstool Sports]

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