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Congrats, February Bar Passers!
(And how one New Yorker got early results.)

Congratulations to everyone who passed the February bar exam. As we recently learned from several late-night texts from readers, results just came out in New York (which tends to be one of the last states to post). Private look-up for New Yorkers is available here, and results should be posted publicly soon.

Judging from the timing of the texts we received, New York results were available sometime after midnight today (Thursday). But one candidate found out his results on Wednesday afternoon. How?

Yesterday afternoon, one candidate attempted to change his address with the New York State Board of Law Examiners (I’m using the masculine pronoun but this person could have been a woman). After logging in with his email and password and trying to make the address change, the candidate got this message:

The candidate called the Board to find out if this was accurate or not. The BOLE rep said she had no knowledge about that message and whether or not it was accurate. This ignorance shouldn’t shock anyone; NY BOLE has had issues before about technological confusion resulting in early availability of results.

So the candidate wasn’t sure whether to believe the news. But in the end, the news turned out to be accurate: he passed.

Getting early word of passing the bar exam might not sound like a big deal to some. But to others, it is a big deal. When we posted July 2010 bar exam results slightly ahead of their official release, our website crashed from all the traffic.

In any event, congrats again to everyone who passed the February bar exam, no matter how or when you learned the good news.

[New York State Board of Law Examiners]

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