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Not A Good Week For The NFL

NFL linebacker Aldon Smith was arrested at LAX after reportedly telling TSA officials screening him that he had a bomb. He apparently said it in frustration as they put him through a separate screening. Yelling bomb in an airport, though, is a big no no, and he has been slapped with charges for making a bomb threat…

Authorities in Miami announced they are investigating NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and two others for an alleged sexual assault that took place there earlier this month. Apparently the alleged victim had previously had a sexual relationship with Kaepernick. She said she drank and smoked some marijuana then passed out. She claims she awoke to Kaepernick reportedly undressing her and kissing her, but then he left the room. She awoke in a hospital and did not remember anything else.

UPDATE (11:50 a.m.): Here’s additional information on the Kaepernick incident, complete with a contradictory police report:

[Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo] Lockette made a call to 911 on April 2 at 12:03 a.m. and, again, at 12:20 a.m., Miami Police told CSNBayArea.com. Miami Fire Lt. Ignatius Carroll told the Miami Herald that Miami Fire Rescue was dispatched to the apartment, the Miami Viceroy, at 12:32 a.m.

According to a Miami police incident search report, which was obtained by 940 AM, Lockette called from the Viceroy Hotel after the woman, who was lying naked on Kaepernick’s bed, refused to leave.

… Citing a source familiar with the case, the Sacramento Bee reported that Colin Kaepernick was not at the suite during the disturbance or when police arrived.

And, of course, I would be remiss to fail to mention that two of Aaron Hernandez’s former associates have now been indicted on murder charges.  Hernandez awaits his trial in custody for an alleged murder.

Not a good week for the NFL.

Jenny M. Brandt is a criminal defense and appellate attorney in the Bay Area, California. She loves all things criminal law, celebrity gossip, and corgis, and has a blog at www.juicejusticeandcorgis.com. She graduated from UCLA (’05) and UCLA School of Law (’09) with a concentration in Critical Race Studies.

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