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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Fight

Porsha Williams

At the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion that aired Sunday night, cast member Porsha Williams laid the smackdown on cast member Kenya Moore.  At issue was that Moore accused Williams of cheating on her husband, NFL superstar Kordell Stewart.

Moore called 911 from the reunion, though Williams was not arrested on the set.  Instead, an arrest warrant issued and Williams voluntarily had herself booked on a misdemeanor assault warrant and was released on $2,000 bail…

During the season, Moore offended Williams when she accused her of being a “beard” in her relationship with Stewart.  Moore accused Stewart of being homosexual on a number of occasions.

Williams shared her divorce with viewers as it progressed. The divorce was finalized after Williams agreed to waive any claim to Stewart’s fortune.

Moore is not without her own relationship problems.  A few seasons ago on the show, she dated Walter Jackson, the owner of a tow truck company.  He later came out to say that the relationship was fake and staged for the show.  On the reunion, Williams claimed that Moore’s reported new boyfriend — an African prince — was also fake.  Moore claimed people have met him and he is indeed real.

Moore was open on the season about her desire to have a child without having a husband.  She took some of the cast to a session with a shaman to be blessed to have a child.

The battle between Williams and Moore will continue on in court, but Moore has said she will not return to the show if Williams is on it.

Jenny M. Brandt is a criminal defense and appellate attorney in the Bay Area, California. She loves all things criminal law, celebrity gossip, and corgis, and has a blog at www.juicejusticeandcorgis.com. She graduated from UCLA (’05) and UCLA School of Law (’09) with a concentration in Critical Race Studies.

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