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Watch This Biglaw Partner Come Close To Losing His Mind During A Deposition

Time and again, we’ve seen outrageous behavior and absurd antics from both lawyers and litigants during depositions. Sometimes deponents tell attorneys to “suck [their] dicks,” and sometimes attorneys actually draw pictures of dicks.

Sometimes, Biglaw partners get so frustrated due to the sheer stupidity of the deponent’s testimony on the record that they come thisclose to losing their minds.

Luckily, in this case, we’ve got it on video…

Actually, Brett Weiner, a writer/director, got it on video. His short film “Verbatim,” which you’ll see below, won an award for best short film at the Dallas Film Festival. The film transforms a deposition transcript from a case against the Cuyahoga County Recorder’s Office in Ohio filed by Data Trace Information Services and Property Insight, companies represented by Baker Hostetler, into a work of comedic art.

Watch as a “jaded lawyer,” Dave Marburger of Baker Hostetler (played by John Ennis), attempts to “figure out if a dim-witted government employee has ever used a photocopier.” With one-liners like this, it’s pretty much impossible not to be on Marburger’s side as he comes close to having an aneurysm:

You can see the video below. If you’re not able to watch it, we’ve dug up the depo transcript for you (posted on the next page).

Bravo, Dave Marburger. Your award-winning, pissed-off deposition performance is going viral online.

(Flip to the next page to see Dave Marburger in action in the deposition transcript.)

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