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Caption Contest Finalists: A Supreme Court Sharp Shooter

Last week, we asked readers to submit possible captions for this video (warning, turn down your volume):

Let’s have a look at what our readers came up with, and vote on the finalists…

Here are the finalists for our latest caption contest, which were quite good (a few with the most “likes” from readers in Disqus, and a few underrated captions that received the most “likes” from yours truly):

A. Motion to disqualify? … Denied. With. A. Vengeance.

B. Upon watching Mr. Goldstein fire a gun, the Supreme Court granted reconsideration of Heller.

C. Tell me again we can’t have a press pass.

D. Tom Goldstein enjoys his weekly shift on the Neighborhood Watch.

E. Your honor if I may, I’d like to reserve the balance of my time for SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!

What a way for an attorney to show his appreciation for the Second Amendment. Vote for your favorite caption in our poll, which will be open through TUESDAY, MAY 13, at 11:59 P.M. (Eastern time). Thanks!

What is the best caption for this photo?

  • E. (29%, 106 Votes)
  • C. (24%, 88 Votes)
  • A. (20%, 72 Votes)
  • B. (20%, 72 Votes)
  • D. (8%, 29 Votes)

Total Voters: 367

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