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Closing The Loop On Silly New Law School

A new law school is finishing up its first year of operations. Unfortunately, there are 28 souls out there who don’t read Above the Law and ended up attending this new, unaccredited educational enterprise.

Of course, the new school had hoped to fleece educate 100 new students, not less than 30. The market might be a little more knowledgeable than the dean believed. In any event, the new dean of the new law school is stepping down. He’s not even staying on as a professor; he’s leaving to pursue “other employment opportunities.”

That makes sense. Being a dean of a new law school doesn’t look as bad on your résumé as being a graduate of a new law school….

Peter Alexander is stepping down from the deanship at Indiana Tech Law School. Apparently, starting a whole new law school during a terrible market for law school applications and getting only 28 students just doesn’t cut it in the legal education business. As Dr. Peter Venkman might say: “I’m gonna miss him.”

Alexander was always good for some great quotes. Great, ludicrous quotes about the need for a new law school in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Since he’s stepping down, let’s replay something Alexander said at the beginning of the school year:

“You see, people may write things about us,” Alexander said. “They may blog about us. They might even insist that they know where we are coming from and what really we are about. I can’t do anything about that and neither can you. Their slings and arrows are crafted in the darkness of ignorance and they take aim in the green eye called envy. But I’m really not worried about those people. I have a higher calling.”

Evidently, Alexander’s higher calling doesn’t involve continuing to be associated with Indiana Tech Law School. A lot of time, when a dean steps down he stays on as a professor. But Alexander is leaving the school entirely, for points unknown.

Yes, I’ve written this entire post just because I remembered the ridiculous “higher calling” line and wanted to point out the total hypocrisy of Indy Tech before we close the door on the time of Peter Alexander. But not just for the lulz. It’s another data point that shows how worthless “law dean talk” has become. Alexander couldn’t stick it out for more than a year running this s**tshow. Meanwhile, those 28 kids who matriculated to Indy Tech will likely be paying it off for the better part of their lives.

If you want lulz, check out Alexander’s replacement: “andré douglas pond cummings,” also known as “some guy who doesn’t use capital letters in his name who may or may not be related to e.e. cummings.” He teaches a course called “Hip Hop and the American Constitution.” I don’t even have a joke here. Law school, man. Can you believe the federal government guarantees these loans?

Think about Peter Alexander the next time you hear a law dean talking about his or her school without any statistical evidence to back up their pontifications. Deans will have other employment opportunities. Students? Not so much.

Indiana Tech Law School Dean Resigns After Enrolling Inaugural Class of 28 Students [Tax Prof Blog]

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