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It’s Finals Period — Time To Find Somebody Else To Take Your Test For You

I’m not going to hazard a guess at which “Philadelphia” area law school has a student looking to find an exam stand-in on Craigslist, I’m just going to point out that there is a law student in the Philadelphia area trying to find a person to take a law school final for her on Craigslist.

Note, she’s not asking for a lawyer or another law student to take the exam for her. Any old person will do, as long as she’s blonde…

The posting has been removed by Craigslist but our tipster grabbed us a screenshot (click to enlarge):

The student claims that she can’t show up for the exam because she is working two jobs. She’s probably trying to keep her debt down. That’s really smart. When she gets kicked out of law school — or fails out for having a blonde-off-the-street take exams for her — she’s going to appreciate not having very much debt.

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