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Lawsuit Seeks $2 Undecillion ​Dollars In Damages

Kevin Underhill, on his excellent blog Lowering the Bar, points out that Au Bon Pain is being sued for Two Undecillion dollars by a person who probably spends his time writing math equations on the windows of his apartment.

It’s a real number….


You’re not going to be surprised that the suit is largely frivolous. It probably also won’t surprise you that $2 Undecillion is more money than exists if we were somehow able to monetize everything in our galaxy.

But, of course, there is a lawyer who could probably defend Au Bon Pain… if you paid him enough…

The blog What If tries to help us wrap our minds around $2 undecillion:

Instead of risking these damages, What If and Underhill suggest that ABP hire a certain superstar lawyer….

Continue reading on Above the Law Redline….

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