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Possible Prostitute Patronage Puts Partner In Pickle

She hid her weed… where?!

With profits per partner soaring at some Biglaw firms, partners need to find ways to spend all of their money. Some like fine wine, but others prefer fine women — and that’s usually where all the trouble begins.

Case in point: one prominent partner recently found himself involved in some shady police activity after a woman who claimed she was owed money for “services” was arrested at his home with drugs stashed in her nether regions.

This partner’s bio has since been removed from the law firm’s website. Who is he, which firm does he work for, and what allegedly happened?

The partner in question is Richard D. Holt, a real estate partner at Gunster Yoakley & Stewart, a Florida NLJ 350 firm. This weekend, police were summoned to Holt’s home for a “civil disturbance” which occurred during the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. Here’s some additional information from the Broward-Palm Beach New Times:

Police say Jessica Johnston, 25, and two other women said that the owner of the home owed her $500 for “services” but that he paid her only $380.

According to the police report, Johnston listed “chef and companion” as her profession.

Cops told Johnston and the women that their complaint was a civil matter.

But as they questioned her further, police noticed that Johnston had an outstanding warrant out in her name. Before arresting her, an officer asked Johnston if she had any drugs on her person. She then confessed to having a bag of weed stuffed inside her vagina.

Lovely. Holt’s name was not listed in the police report, but Johnston’s companions describe him as “an old guy with no friends” who “served [them] wine” and “wanted to watch television.” Amy Pelayo, who insists she’s an escort, not a prostitute, claims the 71-year-old partner was “getting aggressive” with them, which prompted their call to police. Gossip Extra has the scoop on what allegedly went down:

Pelayo says they agreed to be paid $500 just to hang with Holt for a couple of hours.

Shortly after 2 a.m., Pelayo said, Holt became sexually aggressive with the third woman, identified as 27-year-old Casandra Elder. Like the other two, Elder drove from her Fort Lauderdale home to visit Holt.

“He was being nasty,” Pelayo said. “He just tried to pull Casandra into a bedroom and she was resisting. That’s when we decided to leave and Jessica called 911.”

Viagra is (allegedly) a hell of a drug.

Pelayo called the police process “unfair” — after all, she “didn’t see anybody asking the old guy what was going on.” She claims police told her Holt would be given a “talking to,” but it seems the only “talking to” he received was from his firm. He joined Gunster in 1969, but his bio is no longer available on its website.

Protip: Next time you allegedly hire escorts, discuss exactly what you expect and pay for everything upfront to avoid these unsightly stains upon your well-curated reputation. This is très déclassé.

(Flip to the next page to see Richard D. Holt’s bio, which we found online via alternate means.)

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