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Summer Associate Trivia Showdown

Not our belt, but an idea of what we’re thinking.

Save the date. On July 10th at Connolly’s in New York City (121 West 45th Street), you’re going to have a chance to show off your knowledge to win a trophy that can be proudly displayed at your firm.

Well, not a trophy so much as a championship belt. A badass championship belt that Above the Law and Kaplan Bar Review will get custom ordered to signify that you and the summer associates you bring with you were the best of the best.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? No? Did I mention there will be alcohol?

Here’s how it works: you (Biglaw associate) will submit a team of up to five people on behalf of your firm to join us for a large trivia event. If you bring summer associates, your firm will reimburse you for the expense of the registration — a number of firms have already agreed to count this event as a summer program event, but you should check with your firm’s recruiting coordinator to make sure that he or she got the memo. Your team will square off against all the other teams, and the winner will get a championship belt that you can take back to your firm for display. Or hell, you can wear it around the office or just quietly lay it on the table while you are second-chairing a deposition. We don’t care, as long as you bring it back next year. This is a traveling belt and you firm will have to defend it next summer.

Your team registration also includes food and drink. It does not include using the belt to strap me to a pole while you throw Twinkies at me, just FYI.

Unfortunately, space is very limited because each team can have up to five people. And we already have a bunch of teams and firms signed up, so if you are interested you should get this done. A firm can send multiple teams. If you are not affiliated with a firm, we’ll include your team of misfits, but the traveling prize goes to the highest placed firm team.

We have a freaking belt, come win it.

And if you aren’t in New York and want to bring an event like this to your city, let us know!

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