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Tales From The Crypt: Terrifying Law School And Law Firm Horror Stories

‘We traced Sallie Mae’s call. It’s coming from inside the house.’

What happens when you go to law school and your classmates are all d-bags? What happens when all of the partners at your firm are a-holes? Or worse yet, what happens when you graduate from law school in a down economy? What happens when you aren’t able to get a job as a lawyer, yet you’re haunted day and night by student loans? Sometimes the answers to these questions are truly frightening.

We were inspired to curate responses for this post after reading some short scary stories:

If you think that only a good horror book or movie can be scary you are probably wrong. The following two-sentence [messages] prove that even the shortest stories can give you goosebumps.

Keep reading, if you dare…

Before we get to the responses we received, here are some horror stories from your ATL editors:

  • David Lat: “I got into law school. Then I lived in New Haven for three years.”

  • Staci Zaretsky: “I’ve been paying off my law school debt for years. The total is the same as the day I started paying.”

Drowning in loan debt is scary, but having to live in New Haven is surely a fate worse than death.

Here are some of the stories we received from readers (some of whom didn’t follow the two-sentence rule):

Readers, what’s your law school or law practice horror story? Please share them with us in the comments.

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