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This Law Student Will Bang Your Boyfriend If You Mess With Her Stuff

This girl will cut you and/or f*ck you.

Now that Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, summer is here. Law students like to hold grudges, though, so we’re still hearing about insane tales from the law school finals period.

Law students can be ultra competitive, and they become even more so during exam time. You may have heard stories about law students ripping pages from much needed books to prevent their classmates from getting ahead. You may have heard stories about law students deleting pages of outlines from their classmates’ laptops to ensure their own success on the grading curve.

But we’re pretty sure you’ve never heard about sexy law school retribution before….

Law students have made many threats against those who interfere with their studies, but this is a new one, at least to us:

We’re not quite sure how this girl’s stuff was messed with, but we definitely feel her pain.

We don’t know if this chick was able to make good on her vow to get the offender kicked out of school, but we have a feeling that many brave young men have already outed themselves as the vigilante’s boyfriend.

(hidden for your protection)

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