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Unemployed Lawyer Plans Hunger Strike On Steps Of Supreme Court

Who is this fellow, and how long will he starve for?

Social media has opened many new doors in terms of people’s ability to be fired from their jobs, especially in extremely conservative businesses like law. In order to maintain your appearance as a professional, you’re expected to be on the clock all day, every day. Kiss your keg stand pictures goodbye and turn your Facebook privacy settings all the way up, lest you face undesired consequences.

Not to worry, Americans, because one lawyer has got your back. Likely unemployed due to his own social media antics, this fellow is going to forgo life-sustaining food and water in an effort to bring greater attention to how we as a society can mitigate the risks of social media — by demanding that employers stop “searching the social media accounts of their employees and firing [them] because of unpopular opinions or lifestyle choices.”

Who is the man who intends to starve himself on the steps of America’s highest court for this cause?

It’s none other than Brian Zulberti, who first hit the headlines in July 2013 by mass-emailing a picture of himself in a muscle T-shirt instead of his résumé to potential legal employers. With nary a privacy setting, pictures like this were readily available on his Facebook page for all the world to see:

Zulberti’s story went viral, and it was then that he decided to take up the crusade to bring justice to those like him who had been damned by the perils of social media. His next media stunt was something we like to call “Peens for Privacy” — he posted nude pictures of himself on his website, which he hoped would serve as a “comprehensive national resource” on social media firings and social media law.

It seems Zulberti’s work is not yet done, and his 15 minutes of fame are not yet complete, because now he’s willing to die for those who have been screwed by social media. Zulberti recently announced that he’d begin a Supreme Court hunger strike in just a few weeks. From his self-styled media press release:

Brian Zulberti

According to Zulberti, his hunger strike will begin June 2 at 6:00 A.M and “will continue around the clock until one of two things happens-

1. CNN agrees to give him 90 seconds to speak to the nation, on a weeknight, during prime time.
2. He requires hospitalization for exhaustion or malnutrition.”

“Either alternative works fine for me. My goal is to do my part to warn this nation. Speaking for 90 seconds in front of millions of viewers will allow me to do that. The headline “Attorney Collapses On Steps Of Supreme Court After Ten Day Hunger Strike” will work too.” Zulberti did quip, on local radio, that, “he’d rather be on television than in the hospital.”

Zulberti will have a live feed of his hunger strike up on his site, so everyone can watch as he withers away into nothingness in the hope of landing a 90-second TV spot. Here’s some additional video coverage:

Will the apparent hunger strike of one unemployed lawyer change the way America behaves when it comes to social media law? Of course not. Whether Zulberti is an attention whore or a martyr doesn’t really matter, because in the end, lawmakers have no real incentive to change what he’s raging against.

Whether you like his message or want to see him die, keep your eyes on Brian Zulberti, nation.

Delaware Attorney Set For Supreme Court Hunger Strike []

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