Doesn’t Everyone Hire Lawyers In Dingy Late-Night Diners?

If you’re in need of a lawyer and living inside a Dashiell Hammett novel, this is your firm. A new ad campaign is hoping to appeal to the “injured coming home from the film noir festival” demographic.

Well, it’s certainly not from the “guy wearing suit in front of books” template of legal advertising….

The firm of Gregory S. Young in the Cincinnati area spent years making run-of-the-mill personal injury counsel ads:

But now they’ve gone the dramatic route and since the Spaghetti Western and Enter Sandman homage were already taken, film noir seemed like a workable substitute:

What the hell was that? I can’t tell if I should take advice from that guy or be very concerned that Mike Hammer is well off his workout routine.

Why does the diner guy know so much about personal injury attorneys? That would unsettle me. I mean, who takes advice from slimy line cooks? Except stupid Jedi. And here’s a newsflash, if your car got rear-ended on a Friday, there’s nothing a lawyer is going to do to solve your problem on a Saturday.

But at least he’s getting dessert.

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