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From Pope Francis: How Is Jesus Like A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Pope Francis

When I first heard about Pope Francis comparing Jesus to a criminal defense attorney, a number of possible similarities sprung to mind:

  • He wasn’t known for his fashion sense.
  • He hung out with prostitutes and thieves.
  • Some people really hated him, but others felt he just got a bum rap.

While plausible, these weren’t the reasons the Holy Father made the comparison in a recent homily….

Here’s what Papa Francisco recently preached, as reported by Vatican Radio:

The apostle John, thinking about these things and speaking of us, who are great sinners, says, ‘Do not sin, but if any of you do sin, know that we have an advocate before the Father, one who prays for us, defends us in front Father, justifies us.’

I believe we should really think about this truth, about this reality: Jesus is praying for me right now. I can go on in life because I have an advocate who defends me and if I am guilty and I have so many sins … he is a good defense attorney and will speak of me to the Father.

So there you have it: another reason to adore Pope Francis. He’s modest, humble, and a fan of lawyers!

Pope at Mass: Jesus intercedes for us before the Father [Vatican Radio]

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