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If You Don’t Hate Pharrell Yet, Biglaw Firm Makes ‘Happy’ Music Video

Happy by Pharrell wasn’t all that awful when you first heard it. A light, peppy ditty. Little did you realize that you’d be hearing it roughly 5 times a day every subsequent day. It started to invade your dreams. Hell, it started actually killing people.

But none of that prepared us for the downright horror that we should have all expected when this song hit the airwaves: the inevitable law firm homage video. Well, it’s here.

Check out which Biglaw firm decided to treat us to lawyers and staff dancing their way through an annoying song. Maybe you’ll see someone you know….

Vinson & Elkins in Houston are the culprits. And it’s not just a bunch of low-profile V&E folks making appearances.

It’s V&E lawyers and staff having a good time. This is, after all, the only law firm with its own Starbucks. You’ll recognize the great and wise Harry Reasoner bopping along and one point. I’ve always attributed the approachable human side of V&E to Harry’s tough-in-court, human-outside-of-it attitude.  It’s harder to tell that’s former state District Judge Pat Mizell’s moves on the table top (his son Connor Mizell edited this). The main man in the dance-along to the contagious smile-inducing Happy by Pharrell Williams is Quentin L. Smith.

The video, by an entity known as Tartfeasors, is here:

What’s your takeaway? Mine is these people managed to convince Harry Reasoner to dance on video, but couldn’t convince him to put down his breakfast while he did it?

UPDATE (6/16/2014, 11:15 a.m.): A little more background on the video, from a V&E tipster:

[T]he video was made for a cooking competition that is part of the summer program (and hence the team name Tartfeasers), so Harry Reasoner eating during it is part of the joke. Harry often served as one of the judges. This isn’t just a summer program thing — there is a fairly serious chili competition every year in March when there are no summers. Also this team (the Tartfeasers) won the competition this year, or so I hear.

See why V&E is fun Big Law – watch the Happy video [Houston Chronicle]

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