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Law Clerks Try To Construct Most Toolish Apartment On The Block

If television producers put up this Craigslist ad because they were casting for a reality show about a bunch of lawyers living in a D.C. house, then this would make sense. Every week, two of the housemates have to argue why they should stay and another should go. People would watch it.

But this isn’t a television producer being polite, this is law graduates being real. A group of self-described, recent law school graduates are looking for another roommate who must also be a recent law grad — preferably one who is clerking or working for a Congressional committee.

It seems like instead of looking for a roommate on Craigslist, they should be using LinkedIn…

Here’s the ad up on Craigslist:

Supreme/Fed Court Law Clerk share (Capitol Hill)

Sorry, let me stop right there. Are these guys really advertising their “elite” status in their freaking roommate ad? Do SCOTUS clerks leave behind a scent of rich mahogany when they exit the shared bathroom?

Sorry, anyway:

Recent law school grads looking for other law grads to share a lawyer owned townhouse on Capitol Hill which is located 1 block to the U.S. Supreme Court. The house is fully furnished, fully renovated and very nice. Secure neighborhood–neighbors are senators, congressman, a Whitehouse lawyer, and a managing partner of a large law firm. The house is a 10-15 minute walk to the U.S. District Court and a 20 minute walk to the D.C. Court of Appeals. There is a bus stop 60 feet from the house which is one stop from Georgetown Law Center and two stops to the U.S. District Court. The house is also four blocks from the Capitol South Metro.

Please only respond if you are a young law grad or attending an LLM program, clerking for one of the Courts, or an young attorney working for one of the committees on Capitol Hill. We are looking to put together a cohesive group that is well matched.

If you are interested in seeing photos or arranging to see the house, please email.

In what possible freaking way could it matter that there is a managing partner next door? Are you going to stick a résumé in his copy of the New York Times? Are you going to have a torrid affair with his neglected wife? Are you going to rummage through the trash of the White House lawyer looking for state secrets? The entire premise of this ad is dumb.

And really, if you are looking to establish a “power townhouse,” shouldn’t you be looking for a roommate who can complement your skills, instead of replicating them? You’ve got the law clerk angle covered, congratulations on all your success. Now, maybe you should get a roommate who can bring in clients, or fundraise, or do math so the rest of you can figure out how to pay all your debts.

Or maybe you should get a roommate who has a modicum of social skills. You know, somebody who can tell you, “Guys, we can’t put that ad up, we’ll look like freaking tools.”

Supreme/Fed Court Law Clerk share (Capitol Hill) [Craigslist]

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