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Lawyer Seeks Pretty Woman To Bang His Gavel

Robert the Lawyer (Photo: Christian Johnston)

The dating scene is rough in New York City, especially for lawyers with long lists of demands for potential female suitors to meet. One lawyer was so hard up for a date that he took to the pages of the New York Post’s “Meet Market” to find one. He received top billing from the paper, where he was advertised as an “[a]ttorney seek[ing] a gal who will lay down the law.”

Aww, that’s cute. Let’s help him out.

Meet Robert, a lawyer who’s looking for love — but only in Manhattan or Brooklyn…

Robert, 31

Appreciates a woman who catches his eye — and if she can keep up with his witty banter, even better.

Look closely: When it comes to appearances, Robert says women who wear glasses are a turn-on.

Sky-high: The lawyer is planning to go skydiving this summer — even though he has a big fear of heights.

Play time: When he’s not working in the court room, Robert can be found on a hardwood court playing pick-up basketball.

Home team: The basketball lover has season tickets to the Brooklyn Nets.

Dog-gone: Robert will eat almost anything — except frankfurters. “Hot dogs are gross,” he says.

Local stop: The women he dates must live in Brooklyn or Manhattan — “anything else is long-distance.”

More games: In addition to basketball, Robert follows pro football, hockey and soccer.

Please get in touch with Jozen Cummings if you’d like to help this lonely lawyer get it in.

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