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Student Loans Lead To A Job — A Boob Job​

It’s impolite to criticize how other people spend their money. Some people value guns, other people want butter, and of course, there are always people willing to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to pursue a useless education.

Debt financing your dreams is always a risky proposition, but it’s socially acceptable to do that if your dream is to be a doctor or a lawyer or a homeowner.

But what if you dream is to be a model? Is it appropriate and socially acceptable to debt finance aesthetic improvements in your body that you believe will take you to the next level modeling greatness?

OF COURSE NOT! Don’t be a freaking idiot. Rerouting money intended to help expand your mind toward a procedure that expands your cup size is the DUMBEST THING I CAN THINK OF.

Enter Katerina Christodoulou. Christodoulou took out student loans to pursue a legal career in the UK. But eventually her parents agreed to pay for her schooling, and she had all of this loan money lying around. Did she pay it back? No, she decided to follow her real dreams. Australian Lawyer explains:

Christodoulou, from Loughborough, Leics, decided to use the loan for plastic surgery after her family agreed to support her financially while she completed university…

“I hated my natural shape, so I had liposuction under my bum, inner thigh, hips and around my knee. I found they were stubborn areas where the fat just wouldn’t shift.”

Christodoulou also underwent breast enhancement surgery, paid for by an ex-boyfriend.”I did think about using the money to put a deposit down on a house, but then I thought why not use the money to make myself happy now?”

I know, I know, pictures or it didn’t happen.

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