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Two Prominent Professors Plunge Into Politics

Zephyr Teachout

I know I’m an underdog. But New Yorkers love underdogs!

— Professor Zephyr Teachout of Fordham Law School, who is running for governor of New York with Professor Tim Wu of Columbia Law School as her running mate.

(More about the professors’ foray into politics, after the jump.)

We mentioned Professor Teachout’s gubernatorial bid last month. At the time, she was in the running for the Working Families Party ballot line in this year’s gubernatorial race. But she didn’t get it in the end, as reported by the Wall Street Journal:

Ms. Teachout lost a bid last month for the Working Families Party ballot line in this year’s gubernatorial race, which went to [Governor Andrew] Cuomo in exchange for a host of promises. Now she is circulating petitions to run as a Democrat and needs at least 15,000 signatures from registered party members to get on the ballot.

Want to help them get the required signatures? And earn more than some contract attorneys? Check out this Craigslist posting (click to enlarge):

Good luck to Professors Teachout and Wu in their effort to win elected office. Governor Cuomo is riding high in the polls right now, but underestimate two brilliant law professors at your peril.

Gubernatorial Candidate Zephyr Teachout Embracing ‘Underdog’ Status [Metropolis / Wall Street Journal]
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