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Women Are All Scheming Biatches Per Female Divorce Attorney

Attorney Marilyn York

No doubt divorce can be a messy game. Hurt feelings, name-calling, emotional tug-of-war on impressionable children, and a pitched battle for financial security are all par for the course. Divorce attorneys are thus often the most combative of the already combative breed of lawyers. It’s how you end up with lawyers telling the other side that they plan to anally rape them.

But usually divorce attorneys steep their public persona in platitudes about “fighting for you,” saving the nasty “anal rape” stuff for behind closed doors.

But this attorney has a different approach, putting out a TV commercial that riffs on every awful stereotype of women ever, to appeal to the jilted husbands of the world….

Attorney Marilyn York didn’t always advertise this way. There was a day when the Reno “Men’s Rights Family Lawyer” publicly described her approach in terms of protecting vulnerable children from unnecessarily growing up without a strong fatherly influence:

My father’s first wife was destroyed by an unhealthy relationship with her father that led to her death. My father realized the profound effect fathers have on daughters and studied the subject. The absence or presence of something good or bad still effects relationships and the quality of life. For example, a daughter or son raised without a father can be profoundly affected by the lack of a father.

Aw, that’s nice. This is less nice:

If you’re interested in what she’s saying but aren’t at liberty to click the link:

I love women. We’re such planners. Like right now, as you guys sit there relaxing in front of the TV wondering what she’s making you for dinner, your wives are racking up community debt, transferring money into a separate bank account, finally losing that baby weight after 9 years, and hooking up with your son’s baseball coaches on Facebook.

And apparently having a female divorce attorney — and York’s firm is entirely staffed by women — will provide that leg up for the poor schlub who just wanted his woman to make him a samich.

Perhaps these guys might want to invest some time at least being in the same room as their wife and kid instead of watching TV and waiting to be served. Marilyn York describes herself as a “Men’s Rights Family Lawyer” and her commentary ripped from a Tim Allen routine establishes her bona fides. Actually, that’s not fair to Tim Allen, whose comedy is at least self-aware.

That’s not to say it doesn’t suck if someone secretly prepared for a divorce and blindsided you. That’s when you need someone to “fight for you” to use the generic lingo. But the tense of this ad is critical: the time to start considering divorce “right now.” Not when (or if) something happens, but today. For a practice that at some level claims to be about protecting children from the distrust and abandonment issues that can arise from divorce, blasting a message over the airwaves that women aren’t to be trusted and riling up divorcing dads to mirror that mentality can’t be good for kids.

But seriously guys, start imagining a conspiracy if that chick starts working out again. It can only mean she’s fielding baseball-coach dicks like routine pop-ups.

Divorce Lawyer’s Controversial TV Ad [Mix 97.7]

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