Donald Sterling

Go back to answering questions rather than making somewhat entertaining comments.

– Judge Michael Levanas, in response to Donald Sterling’s combative antics during a trial to determine whether the 80-year-old billionaire was competent to remain as co-trustee of the Los Angeles Clippers trust. During testimony, Sterling called opposing counsel a “weird lawyer” and a “smartass.”

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5 thoughts on “Donald Sterling Calls Lawyer A ‘Smartass’ During Testimony

  1. Fr0zt says:

    Without a doubt, that must be the most shocking and offensive thing that Donald Sterling has ever said.

    Alex should take a lesson from you Staci — THIS is the kind of story that amazes people.

    • Guesto says:

      You’ll be amazed by the incredibly shocking reason why JoePa hasn’t posted an article on ATL today!

      • IhateDisqus says:

        If it is because he’s been fired, then change “amazed” to “overjoyed” and “incredibly shocking” to “not at all shocking.”

  2. Dick Whitman says:

    This has less context than a Joe Pa piece…what gives Staci?

    While the topics you write about are generally tabloidy sleaze-ball garbage, your writing skills are usually better than this. Was this ghost-written by Joe Pa?

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