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Rachel Canning Should Have Listened To Her Parents

Rachel Canning

Rachel Canning is back in the news. You’ll remember Canning from the landmark recess appointments case, where the Court unanimously held… wait, we’re not talking about important issues of substantive law? That was Noel Canning? Instead we’re talking about the dumb teenager who sued her parents?


Rachel Canning sued her parents, alleging they abandoned her for “not following their rules.” That suit got tossed, because it was dumb. And now Canning is back in court to get a restraining order against her boyfriend. The boyfriend her parents told her to stop hanging out with…

Gawker has this bizzaro “coming of age” tale:

According to The Star-Ledger, Canning says 18-year-old Lucas Kitzmiller choked her during an argument last Sunday. When Canning was suing her parents earlier this year, part of the reason they kicked her out (or she left) was the fact that she wouldn’t stop dating the guy. Her parents joined her in court to file the restraining order.

If I know anything about America, the Rachel Canning reality show “Mommy Knows Best” is already in the works. But I hope future plot lines don’t involve alleged abuse. The pilot, “Rachel majors in fashion, but refuses to sew,” should be enough to get it picked up for a full season.

Cheerleader Who Sued Her Parents Now Taking Her Boyfriend to Court [Gawker]

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