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The Notorious RBG’s Hobby Lobby Dissent… IN SONG!

We know you love Justice Ginsburg. You voted her your favorite justice just last year. Yesterday, this tweet became the most retweeted thing from our account in basically ever.

But have you read Notorious RBG’s dissent in Hobby Lobby yet? It is pretty long. Perhaps you’d enjoy it better as a song? That’s what one guy did — he condensed the opinion into a song.

And it’s pretty good.

Justice Ginsburg, who is not shy about her heartfelt desire to be an operatic diva, must be loving this. And maybe she used her love of opera to craft an opinion with so many lyrically rich lines. Enjoy Notorious R.B.G.’s Mo Phony Religion Mo Problems.

I would have given it a name based on Biggie’s Nasty Girl, but let’s face it — that was Alito’s opinion.

Now I just wish Ginsburg had written the “slut-shaming geezers” chorus.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Hobby Lobby Dissent Gets Its Own Song [Jezebel]

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