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This Law School Is LITERALLY Nickel And Diming Alumni

We give law schools a lot of flak for the way they take massive amounts of money and then have the gall to call us every week asking for donations. What did they do with the original $150K? I guess in my case it was “buy real estate.” But still.

So when I say there’s a law school out there nickel and diming its graduates, I’m not colloquially talking about $150K in tuition. No, I’m using “literally” entirely accurately. They are literally taking dimes and nickels off their alums….

The University of Iowa Law School is usually on our good side. It recently announced a tuition cut that actually provides honest relief for its students. So that’s nice. It turns out they also throw nice little reunion parties. Iowa sent out reunion invites the other day:

Ah, that looks nice. There’s just one problem:

That’s right, Iowa Law sent out their invites — presumably hundreds of them — “postage due.” To the tune of 15 cents. Apparently it’s time to tighten the belt in Iowa City. I hate to break it to Elie, but perhaps “THIS Is What It Looks Like When A Law School Actually Cuts Tuition.”

We’re hoping this is a SNAFU rather than a sign of the times at Iowa. If it’s the latter, those class of 2004 grads may want to save up for the cash bar at this year’s reunion.

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THIS Is What It Looks Like When A Law School Actually Cuts Tuition

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