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What Would You Do If An Anonymous Donor Paid Your Law School Debt In Full?

In the legal profession’s “new normal,” it’s not uncommon for recent law school graduates to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in educational debt, all for a piece of paper that grants them the right to try to become practicing attorneys. With the employment landscape being less than desirable, the high debt that comes with a law degree can seem all but insurmountable, and at times, completely soul-crushing. Living paycheck to paycheck to pay down loans with what little money you earn is unbearable, and doing normal adult things like getting married, buying a home, and having children are nigh impossible — the albatross of law school debt will always be hanging around your neck.

How can you possibly survive in this world with six figures of law school debt? Well, it helps if you’ve got a generous friend who’s willing to pay off your loans in full — under the cover of secrecy, of course.

With six figures of law school debt of my own, I can’t help but be incredibly envious…

This crazy confession came to us from Whisper, an app that allows users to share anonymous secrets:

That’s incredible. It must be nice to have rich friends who are willing to part with their money to help those in need. Yes, that makes it sound like this kind individual was giving to charity, but many recent law school graduates are charity cases — they need all the help they can get, from whoever is willing to give it.

What would you do if an anonymous donor paid your law school debt in full? Let us know in the comments.

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